Investor Overview

On behalf of our investors, PenCap acts as a mortgage broker for those interested in making private real estate loans to the borrowers we’ve identified, evaluated, and approved. PenCap will evaluate the available loan opportunities, provide loan origination and underwriting, prepare the necessary documentation and compliance, undertake all payment operations, and collect and distribute investment funds.


Consistent returns and Support

PenCap has a proven track record of success. Our investors enjoy average annual returns between 11% and 13%. We have some of the lowest rates of foreclosures on our borrowers, and in the unlikely event of a foreclosure proceeding, we provide full support and legal services to our investors.


experience and expertise

With over 30 years experience, combined with a boutique and individualized approach to investing, our advisors will find the right investment for you, taking into account your risk tolerance, the borrower’s creditworthiness, and the potential returns.


Who Can Invest?

There are some restrictions on who can invest in Trust Deeds. Click below to find out more.